Murray Motor Car

17476-D 147th St. SE. Monroe, WA 98272
Phone: 425-487-1902

Murray Motorcar started in 1974 as Al Murray Restorations. Prior to 1974 Al joined John Small and Harold Hanson to form the Horseless Carrage shop in North Seattle in 1970. Al learned his bodywork and paintcraft at the Horseless Carrage shop. Al left the restoration business to spend a couple of years playing in a rock and roll band, living every young man's fantasy.

In 1974 Al was given the opportunity to finish a project he started in 1972. The 1910 Packard had been left in the corner of the Horseless Carrage shop. Al rented space there and continued the restoration in the same location.

In 1976 Al built his own shop in Woodinville and finished the Packard over the next year. Al continued to restore many more cars at home when an opportunity to restore a collection of cars and move the shop to Ballard in 1985 came up. Growth was excellent and more employees were hired. Al's brother Paul was added to the business at this time. When the collection was finished the shop moved back to Woodinville and the company was renamed Murray Motorcar.

For the next five years many cars came through the doors of the shop. In 1992 Murray Motorcar moved into its larger location in Monroe, where it still stands today. Many cars were restored here over the years, with documented award winning quality from the likes of Pebble Beach.

Fastforward to 2013, and Murry Motorcar is still pumping out award winning cars to this day. The next car could even be yours!

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