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Project Pontiac

Here is the arrival of our Pontiac project fresh off the container ship from England.

TheArrival 001

The owner's overall objective for the restoration is going to be a "Nice Driver Class" restoration. The car is basically in good unrestored condition and has not been messed up too bad. Mostly original body and mechanical, this car is unusual because it's a General Motors export car to France. The speedo reads in kmh and the headlights are French Marchals. 

The car also has a General Motors tag on the firewall and other European export identifying items. Note the English license plate as well. 

TheArrival 002

Pontiac.2.26.13 014

Detail shots for reassembly.

Pontiac.2.26.13 015 

Pontiac.2.26.13 025

Unique to this car is the French General Motors data plate. 

Pontiac.2.26.13 027

Here's an interesting patch job on the exhaust manifold that requires attention. 

Pontiac.2.26.13 034


Pontiac.2.26.13 037

Note the removable underhood worklight on a wire string. Quite ahead of its time!

Pontiac.2.26.13 040

Unique fuse block signage.

Pontiac.2.26.13 048

The Chief!

Pontiac.2.26.13 049

Pontiac.2.26.13 050

Note the Marchal headlight.

Pontiac.2.26.13 052

"Silver 8 Streak"

Pontiac.2.26.13 053

Damaged stainless that will require a lot of attention.

Pontiac.2.26.13 054

Note the crease in the bumper.

Pontiac.2.26.13 055

Many more dings in the stainless means long nights at Murray Motor Car.

Pontiac.2.26.13 066

Check out this high-tech state of the art 6.5" full range dual cone speaker in the door. Clearly the previous owner "spared no expense"!

Pontiac.2.26.13 069

This door jam has been jammed one too many times. 

Pontiac.2.26.13 070

Here we have the Pontiac's body number. Note the high-tech speaker wire running through the grommet.

Pontiac.2.26.13 072

The unusual door latch. Very "GM".

Pontiac.2.26.13 078

Left door panel and related mechanisms.

Pontiac.2.26.13 095

Right front suspension and heater/fresh-air intake.

Pontiac.2.26.13 001

Trunk lid bottom ready for service.

Pontiac.2.26.13 004

Pontiac.2.26.13 002

Pontiac.2.26.13 101

Check out the Harrison heater box. Housed inside is a small radiator to provide occupants with heat.

Pontiac.2.26.13 103

Here's where the real work begins. Hopefully it's better than it looks! Note the cutout hole in the bulkhead between the trunk and passenger compartment. I wonder what the previous owners hid in this hole...

Pontiac.2.26.13 105

Up-close shot of the trap-door hole through the rear bulkhead.

Pontiac.2.26.13 109

Parts ready to be blasted.

Pontiac.2.26.13 110

Pontiac.2.26.13 116

The stock mechanism will need to be taken apart so here's a good picture to put it back together properly.

Pontiac.2.26.13 134

This is the bottom side of the radio with the other part being a hydraulic top (roof) switch. 

Pontiac.2.26.13 135

Fuseblock/rats nest

Pontiac.2.26.13 147

Left hand dash closeup with push-start button.

Pontiac.2.26.13 148

Pontiac.2.26.13 151

Cool dash!

Pontiac.2.26.13 152

Clock in a radio speaker - very unique!

Pontiac.2.26.13 154

Automatic transmission.

Pontiac.2.26.13 018

Trunk lid back from the blaster.

Pontiac.2.26.13 022

Rear fender skirts cleaned up nicely.

Pontiac.2.26.13 017

Minor rust holes. Nothing we can't fix!

Pontiac.2.26.13 016

Pontiac.2.26.13 158

Doors looking great. 

Pontiac.2.26.13 019

One-half of the hood - left side. Metal looks great!

Pontiac.2.26.13 159

Front fenders. Fenders were plastic media blasted first and then the rusty areas were sand blasted to take care of those more troublesome corrosion spots. Otherwise they look like new old stock.

Pontiac.2.26.13 162

Right side of the hood and epoxy primer.

Pontiac.2.26.13 164

Back seat area - milk crate optional.

Pontiac.2.26.13 165

Mystery passthrough port.

Pontiac.2.26.13 183

Box of parts headed to the chrome plater.